Hotel Coqui Coqui

Location, Tulúm México

Photos by Sofia Lascurain

White dress handmade in Bali, Indonesia

Sunglasses, Ray ban





  1. the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.

  2. the quality or condition of being plain or natural.

  3. a thing that is plain, natural, or easy to understand

There is an old definition of luxury. Having such a chaotic lifestyle makes you redefine the concept.

Staying disconnected from social media and our cellphones is a luxury today.

A walk on the beach or going to sleep with light candles are just a couple of things that makes this highly energetic destination one of a kind.

"Luxury is waking up every morning with the sound of the beach waves" said Francesca Bonato, owner and founder of Coqui Coqui.


 "Why have a pool when you can have the ocean?" -F. Bonato


And then it leaves me thinking…

Do we really need all we think we need?

Do we really want what other people tell us we need?

Is simplicity and the raw-every-day details a new form of luxury?

Are we forgetting that the little details are what makes life worth it?

Are remembering or forgetting this?


I believe that in order to keep going with our lives and the constant changes in the world we need to also go backwards. Wake up and be aware of the joy that simplicity can bring into our lives.


The beach, a sunrise, a cold glass of water, taking a walk, sitting on a park, the first smell of coffee in the morning, going every night to bed after taking our makeup off and doing our night beauty rituals, a kiss, a simple honest smile, a laugh, a hug, love itself.


Let us never forget the real deal of life.

Let us always remind each other that we are lucky to still be here. Another day, another chance to wake up and this time really see the world as it is: breathtaking.

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